Thursday, May 08, 2008

CCC - Cowen's Culchie Cabinet

from seanie beside the fire in Jess McCarthy's;
Brian Cowen definitely has the Culchies back in power. The 2 Dub FFers who are full ministers are Brian Lenihan and Eamonn O Cuiv -neither of whom can really be considered a true Dub. Unless you count middle class belvedere boys as representative of a Dubliner.
If we take the full (including ministers of state) cabinet the situation is only saved because the Greens are all Dubs!! In Green Ireland the culchies aren't Green.
In case you wondered, the Dublin born FF ministers are Lenihan, O Cuiv, Andrews. Gormley and Ryan are the Greens.
And Pat Carey is a Kerryman, representing Dubs.


Anonymous said...

where is Kerryview gone then ?

zinnia said...
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